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COVID 19 Update

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Dear Friends and Colleagues…

We are checking in to say hello and hope that each of you is navigating this time and all of the associated changes.  As we try to adjust to this moment, we are grateful for community and the support we are able to offer one another.

In addition to letting you know that all CMA team members are now in our home offices and getting accustomed to this alternative lifestyle, we are delighted about the completion of three projects.  Two families have moved into their new homes, and the ActBlue staff is looking forward to returning to their recently renovated digs.  The attached images give a sense of the organization’s energy, flexibility and positive vision.

One of our vendors said it this way:  “Individuals are deeply connected to their surroundings.  When surroundings inspire and encompass creativity, collaboration and innovation, then this connection may in turn foster health and well being as well as a sense of contentment.”

The Coronavirus interruption may last awhile.  We do not know how long before all construction will resume, however it can be a good time to dream, plan and consider new or long wished-for projects.

We are here and happy to help answer questions and explore options.

Please stay in touch and take care,